Savoring the sweet moments makes the difficult ones more bearable.

meg | iPhone 7+

Even the smallest traditions are beautiful, sacred, and significant; at the intersection of being passed from one generation to another, they hold heartbreak and joy all at once.

staci lee | canon 5Diii


Burdened for those I love, prayers and tears ascended like incense; I await answers.

meg | iPhone 6

As I contemplate all the gifts and bruises the grandmothers and mothers of my life have left; I wonder about the gifts and bruises I will be leaving my own children and grandchildren and legacy I am creating.

staci lee | canon 5D


Sadly, death is a part of life; yet life comes from death and therein lies my hope.

meg | Sony RX 100

This is a woman who is strong and full of love and grace; my heart broke and swelled with pride as I watched her use all three to navigate the sting of death.

staci lee | mamiya 645 | portra 400