week forty-one

I keep moving towards health and wholeness only to find the unknown and hidden things in my life are like a door. I’m often afraid to open the door because what I might find but I must take courage and keep moving forward.

meg | iPhone 7+

This man has been my best friend, rock, and listening ear this week; I feel so seen, cared for, and known in his patient and grace-filled love.

staci lee | Mamiya 645 | Iceland

week thirty-nine

Changing long-held beliefs about myself is like rerouting a rushing river; well-worn and familiar. As I cling to the truth, new streams flow. I am worthy.

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As Fall enters in, I begin to ask myself what I must let go of, allow my soul to shed what isn’t for me, and die to the desires that don’t lead me to my true and sanctified self.

staci lee | Canon 5Diii | Macro 100mm

week thirty-seven

Accepting my brokenness and shame brings self-love and grace; healing comes as I love each part of me.

meg | iPhone 7+

As I open my heart more to Lady Wisdom, She continues to reveal Herself as a reliable counselor, a fine mist, and gentle light; She provides healing and shelter, gives me rest, and offers me what is needed when needed.

staci lee | Mamiya 645 | Kodak Portra 400

week thirty-five

Living for others’ approval nearly swept me away, like the tide. I’m gaining strength, finding my feet and learning to love myself a little more every day.

meg | iPhone 7+

Learning to love God, not by following rules, obeying scripture, or doing devotions; but by following Her into the dark places of my heart, obeying Her small asks throughout the day, and sitting in the stillness and silence of Her love.

staci lee | Mamaiya 645

week thirty-three

Though each of us is unique, we are all of us made in the image of God. May we find the value in each and every person that crosses our path.

meg | iPhone 7+

There is nothing ordinary about what is happening in Virgina; I pray for God’s grace to give me the courage to stand in love for justice in the face of this evil.

staci lee | Mamaiya 645

week thirty-one

The Lord unlocks closed places in my heart; I have courage because He’s with me, I’m secure in His love.

meg | iPhone 7 +
I continue to discover and encounter the feminine face of God; I see how struggle, new life, and the Eucharist are all revealed and made known in my own my life with labor, birth, and nursing.

staci lee | Canon 5Diii