week forty-two

I’m learning to stand on my own; to trust my instincts, my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings and my needs. This is new territory; terrifying and liberating.

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As I worry, hope, and delight in this man this week; I turn to the Source of my hope and delight as She holds all my worries.

staci lee | Mamyia 645

week thirty-five

Living for others’ approval nearly swept me away, like the tide. I’m gaining strength, finding my feet and learning to love myself a little more every day.

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Learning to love God, not by following rules, obeying scripture, or doing devotions; but by following Her into the dark places of my heart, obeying Her small asks throughout the day, and sitting in the stillness and silence of Her love.

staci lee | Mamaiya 645

week thirty-four

Sun, sand, salty air and the sound of waves crashing upon the shore refreshed me; I am grateful for time to rest.

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We don’t always know where we are going or where the journey will lead us; thankfully our friends, our pilgrimage companions, are there with encouragement, hope, and love.

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week thirty-three

Though each of us is unique, we are all of us made in the image of God. May we find the value in each and every person that crosses our path.

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There is nothing ordinary about what is happening in Virgina; I pray for God’s grace to give me the courage to stand in love for justice in the face of this evil.

staci lee | Mamaiya 645