week 2

Welcoming all that this year holds and exploring things that have been in my heart for a long time.

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A new year dawns with beauty and pain; I’m challenged by learning to hold both with open hands.

meg | iPhone 7+

The week was filled with hard memories and hard conversations. We wrestled about what love looks like.  At the end of it all, I was surrounded by the love of my friends, my loving God, and even the love of strangers.

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I am reminded that I see myself most clearly when I notice life in the eyes of the Divine; the Divine dwells happily and authenticly in me.

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week 1

Looking back on 2017 with sorrow as the year held much loss; looking forward to 2018 with a sense of wonder and hope.

meg | iPhone 7+

Looking towards 2018 with wonder, and all the surprise, awe, beauty, and curiosity the word and the year will bring.

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Kindness is a choice, not always an easy one; I choose to live in kindness towards those whom my path crosses.

meg | Sony RX-100

Love isn’t just an idea or a feeling: it always looks for the best, it never looks back, and keeps going to the very end.

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In past years, I’ve had a word to guide me through the year. This year is no different; a phrase has been repeating in my head for months. “Be a blessing” is my mantra for 2017. This is the vocation of those who follow Jesus. We are to be a blessing, be a light, reflect Jesus well and cause everyone and everything to flourish around us.


For years I have prayed for a word that I could hold onto and each year a word has come to me that I have needed as an inspiration or reminder.  This year, my word is delight. It is something I have forgotten how to do, or maybe, I haven’t ever really learned how to do it in the first place. I pray my one little word brings me more than an inspiration or a reminder, but it will be a lesson in finding and experiencing delight.

staci lee | Canon 5Diii