week twenty-six

Sitting in silence can be uncomfortable yet healing; silence surfaces parts of me I haven’t noticed before.

meg | iPhone 7+

The twists and turns of this week’s days had me rejoicing, resting, and struggling… sometimes all at once.

staci lee | Canon 5Diii

week twenty-five

Discouragement and loneliness pulled me toward the abyss; the Truth of Emmanuel, God with us anchored me.

meg | Sony DSC RX-100

I felt empty and alone; my soul was comforted and filled by the great Comforter.

staci lee | Hasselblad 500CM | Kodak Portra 400

week twenty-four

The week held mama bear moments, frustration and introspection; it also held joy, gratefulness and love that will last a lifetime.

meg | Sony DSC RX-100
meg | Sony DSC RX-100

I had a week of looking at myself and wondering what I will be; I’ve come to realize that I may just spend the rest of the my life becoming me.

staci lee | Yashica LM | TMax

week twenty-three

My work domain felt threatened this week; my community encouraged, supported and upheld me.

meg | Sony DSC RX-100
meg | Sony DSC RX-100

I loved, taught, and prayed for this little one for eighteen years; today I will stand back, let her go,  and watch her change the world.

staci lee | Canon 5D