week forty-four

I practice honor, respect, and esteem towards every part of myself, including my dreams because I am worthy of being treated with honor, respect and esteem.

meg | iPhone 7+


My body, soul, and mind needs and longs for rest; I am counting the minutes until my Sabbath.

staci lee | iPhone 7+

week forty-one

I keep moving towards health and wholeness only to find the unknown and hidden things in my life are like a door. I’m often afraid to open the door because what I might find but I must take courage and keep moving forward.

meg | iPhone 7+

This man has been my best friend, rock, and listening ear this week; I feel so seen, cared for, and known in his patient and grace-filled love.

staci lee | Mamiya 645 | Iceland

week forty-four

Rain fell gently throughout the week; cleansing, soothing, refreshing.

meg | Sony RX-100

As my soul weathers the storm, I find comfort and shelter among my tribe.

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