week forty-nine

For most of my life, fear entangled itself around me, gripping and clinging but as I learn to love and accept myself, fear loosens its hold.

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As my soul readies for Advent, I am expectant of the hope, peace, joy, and love that are going to come and welcome me this season.

staci lee | Canon 5Diii

week forty-one

I keep moving towards health and wholeness only to find the unknown and hidden things in my life are like a door. I’m often afraid to open the door because what I might find but I must take courage and keep moving forward.

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This man has been my best friend, rock, and listening ear this week; I feel so seen, cared for, and known in his patient and grace-filled love.

staci lee | Mamiya 645 | Iceland

week thirty-nine

Changing long-held beliefs about myself is like rerouting a rushing river; well-worn and familiar. As I cling to the truth, new streams flow. I am worthy.

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As Fall enters in, I begin to ask myself what I must let go of, allow my soul to shed what isn’t for me, and die to the desires that don’t lead me to my true and sanctified self.

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